To our renewing customers:

If we did not receive your response to the renewal form we mailed in early December, we renewed your 2024 services as follows:

  • For lawn fertilization customers who had the 7-step program/5 visits last year:
    • With our new 8-step lawn fertilization program with 6 visits
    • For lawn fertilization customers who chose fewer than 7 applications last year, with the same basic applications this year
  • For customers with all other programs and services: as they were provided last year

Renewal agreements will be mailed between January 11 and January 17. If you have not received your renewal agreement by January 25, please contact us ASAP.

We offer two payment options this year: (1) Prepay for the season and receive a 10% discount, or (2) enroll in one of our NEG monthly installment billing plans. Either way, your prepayment or first monthly payment for the 2024 season is due no later than March 15. Please contact the office ASAP if you will not be making payment by March 15 or if you have any billing questions.

IMPORTANT: We have not increased our application prices in 2024. If you are interested in pricing for new or changed services, please contact the office. Keep in mind that we receive a great many calls, texts, and emails each day and will respond as quickly as we can and in the order requests are received:


  • The 8-step lawn fertilization program includes an extra fertilization and weed control application to address summer issues sooner so they're less likely to damage your lawn.
  • The 8-step program will reduce late SUMMER weeds that many of our customers find in the hot summer months. It will also reduce the incidence of disease (especially fungus), and fertility problems that also arise during the hot summer months and between  applications in early summer and fall.
  • The 8-step program was developed in direct response to requests from our customers who have concerns about summer weeds/disease/fertility. If you do NOT have these summer concerns, you may not want/need the additional step. However, if you are concerned about any of these issues, we recommend the 8-step program because the grandfathered 7-step program does not include an application for them.