Our Services

Do you want a healthy, lush, and beautiful lawn? Of course you do!

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    Lawn Fertilization

    Keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. We will customize a program to suit your needs. Click to read more.

  • New England Green Lawn Care
    Landscape Tree and Shrub Services

    Protect your landscape trees and shrubs with our program of fertilization and insect control. Click to read more.

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    Mosquito & Tick

    Our pesticide-free spray helps reduce the mosquito and tick populations on your property. Click to read more.

New England Green Lawn Care
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    Other Services

    We provide other services related to health and and well-being of your lawn. Click to read more.

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    Aeration & Overseeding

    Restore the soil and create an optimal environment for seed germination and development. Click to read more.                  


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    Home Defense Insect Protection

    We help prevent unwanted guests (e.g., ants, crickets, earwigs, and spiders) in  your home. Click to read more.

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    Mulch Bed Weed Control

    We help eliminate weeds that thrive in mulch beds and then spread to your lawn. Click to read more.

What Our Customers Say

  • Dan M.

I have the best lawn on the street, thanks to Mike and his team. We had a major overhaul after pulling out two big trees in the front--which looks great. This past summer, we removed a large pool and blended the grass with the rest of the lawn in back. I had expected to be fighting with weeds and bare spots for the next two years. Much to my surprise, at the end of the fall there were no weeds and the grass was both very thick and blended well.

I would recommend Mike to anyone who needs a true professional, or to a weekend warrior who believes there could not be any improvements in their lawn. Rest assured that weekend warrior's neighbor is going to begin working with Mike and have a better lawn than the rest of the neighbors.


  • Bill L.

David's visit a while ago has made a big difference in our lawn. Weeds are almost non-existent (including clover, which was rampant) and the lawn is a lush green. Great job!


  • Jeff B.

Mike has been providing my lawn care for a number of years and my grass has never looked better. He provides personal and trustworthy service. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for a lawn care specialist.


  • Dario F.

Mike has been taking care of my lawn for over 10 years. He is very knowledgeable about all lawn treatment and pest issues, and always recommends the right products and treatments. My lawn used to be a mess before Mike took over. Now, it's the greenest lawn on the street.