Home Defense Insect Program

Allow us to take care of unwanted guests this year, including ants, crickets, earwigs, spiders, and a wide range of other insects and pests. This low-dose pesticide application will help control the ability of these pests to access your home and buildings. (Formerly our perimeter pest control program.)




Perimeter/Foundation Spray

We help you keep pests out of your home and office building by targeting the locations they use to gain entry, as well as areas outside the home where they hide. We spray:

  • Building foundations and lower eaves to prevent insects from moving in
  • Mulch beds where egg laying can occur

We apply sprays:

  • In the early spring, to prevent emerging insects from infesting and establishing breeding grounds.
  • In the late spring, to continue prevention during breeding months.
  • In the summer, to prevent nesting and infestation during the heat.
  • In the fall, to prevent insects from moving indoors before the temperature falls.



Insect Control Foundation Spray

Foundation sprays decrease the number of ants and other insects moving into the house from outdoors. We apply 4 to 6 applications per season.

Emergency Insect Control

We will perform immediate knock-down of nests and infestation that pose potential health and safety concerns.