Lawn Fertilization

The details of our industry-leading 8-Step Lawn Fertilization Program appear below and provide a detailed look into each of the program's 8 steps as they apply to our products and their benefits. The cornerstone of our 8-Step Lawn Fertilization Program is applying our products at key seasonal times to maximize results and reach your goal of greener lawn faster.

We do not use harsh or restricted-use pesticides in this program. Therefore, our products are safer and enable you to enjoy your lawn more fully. Each time we fertilize, we apply weed control--as permitted by the weather and as conditions require. Our weed control products help reduce the weed population on your property when the entire 8-step process is followed and in combination with proper watering, mowing, and maintenance.



Early Spring Fertilization

The first application sets the tone for the entire season. Our technicians apply a balanced, organic-based fertilizer to help wake the lawn from the cold winter months. We also apply a crabgrass pre-emergent preventative that protects against early season crabgrass, as well as other invasive species of grass.


Late Spring Fertilization

The second application focuses on keeping the fertility of the lawn consistent to ensure a thick and health turf. Depending upon the lawn's needs, we will apply another crabgrass pre-emergent, a broadleaf weed control, and/or an iron-supplemented fertilizer. Spot treating existing weeds will also occur during this visit, as needed.


OPTIONAL Applications in Early Spring

Spring lime helps correct soil acidity to allow the good grass an optimal soil pH level. As a result, acid-loving weeds cannot compete with your healthy grass. With a proper pH level, nutrients are taken up more easily and the soil becomes healthier.

Adult grub control eliminates over-wintering grubs in the soil, which try to feed on grass roots as the spring temperatures increase.


Insect Guard (Grub Control)

At the beginning of the summer, our attention shifts to the maintenance and control of insects. With this third application, we use a granular product that targets damaging surface and sub-surface turf insects. Grubs, chinch bugs, and webworm are some of the most prevalent pests that negatively affect the health of your lawn.

We use a carefully implemented IPM program that focuses on the prevention, monitoring, and controlling of pests to effectively and safely manage their populations.

Note: this application is applied with either the late spring or early summer fertilization.


Early Summer Fertilization

During the summer months, our priority is to maintain a healthy green lawn and continue to monitor and treat weeds and insects. In this fourth application, we accomplish this goal by treating the lawn gently and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals that burn the grass.

This is the time of year when we closely inspect the health of your lawn and offer advice about mowing and watering requirements to ensure that, in addition to the products we apply, your lawn is getting the attention it needs to thrive. We also spray any visible weeds--weather permitting.


Late Summer Fertilization

This fifth application accomplishes three important goals:

  • Shortens the interval between applications to continue consistent lawn fertility
  • Reduces annual summer weeds, crabgrass, and nutsedge
  • Helps us monitor the lawn for insects, disease, and other abiotic or biotic stressors


Fall Fertilization

As the season progresses into the fall months, leaving the heat of summer behind, we begin to strengthen and methodically prepare your lawn for the colder temperatures to come. Weeds and insects can still be an issue, so we continue to treat and monitor them, as needed in this sixth application.

This is also a great time to grow grass and me might recommend aeration and overseeding to help the overall health of your lawn. Our fall fertilizer treatment is supplemented with granular chelated iron to correct soil deficiencies and give your lawn a richer, deeper color.

Winterizer Fertilization

Our seventh application of the season take place at the same time and are crucial for both setting up your lawn to go dormant for the winter and achieving an easier bounce-back in the spring. The winterizer fertilizer is chalk filled with slow-release nitrogen, which establishes hearty root growth and helps the roots dig deeply into the soil during the winter months.


The eighth application, limestone, is essential for soil fertility because it reduces the acidity and greatly increases the nutrient uptake of the root system. We also spot-treat weeds and take all necessary measures to ensure a smooth transition to the following season.

Note: This application is applied with the winter fertilization.