Mulch Bed Weed Protection Program

NEW in 2024!!!

At the request of our customers, we developed our mulch bed weed protection program to help eliminate weeds that thrive in mulch beds, reproduce, and then spread to your lawn. The program consists of a pre-emergent application in the early spring, which helps prevent germination, followed by three post-emergent applications throughout the season that target new weeds as they develop.

Keep in mind that 99.9% of all residential lawns and mulch beds have weeds--and will always have weeds unless you use harsh chemicals. Why? Because the weeds in your lawn, your neighbors' lawns, and any nearby areas are constantly reproducing and spreading their seeds ... via the wind, birds, and animals.

This program helps reduce the weed population on your property as it works in concert with our lawn fertilization program and the weed control we apply with each fertilizer application.

Important: We do NOT spray mulch beds that contain any edible plants (i.e., mulch beds in vegetable/herb gardens and near fruit trees).