Want More in 2024?

Our Customers Asked…

And we answered! In 2024, we’ll be providing more value, more services, and more visits!

  • We are NOT increasing our application prices in 2024.
  • All our lawn technicians and staff are returning in 2024, which means we’ll continue offering a wealth of experience, credentials, and hometown community love.
  • We continue to outperform the competition by limiting our service area, upgrading our equipment, and–did I mention?–not increasing our application prices in 2024!


Our !!NEW!! 8-Step Lawn Fertilization Program, which will net better results with less time between applications. This extra step will reduce summer weeds, disease (especially fungus), and fertility problems that abound during the hot, late summer weeks. By including this extra step/visit, we’ll be able to address any issues that arise sooner so they’re less likely to damage your lawn.

Our !!NEW!! Mulch Bed Weed Protection Program helps eliminate weeds that thrive in mulch beds, reproduce, and then spread to your lawn. IMPORTANT: We do not spray mulch beds that contain any edible plants (i.e., mulch beds in vegetable/herb gardens and near fruit trees).

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