Mowing tips

Mowing Tips

Here are a few mowing tips to help you keep that lawn green and healthy … because everyone wants a beautiful lawn, healthy lawn. And having a great lawn requires mowing on a regular basis, right? Wrong! 
Sometimes your grass doesn’t need to be mowed on a schedule. This is especially true during the hot summer months and/or when the grass is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. In the summer, taller grass makes for a healthier lawn.
Why? Because the taller grass protects the soil from the hot sun and keeps the moisture in. It also helps prevent the growth of weeds. The thicker the grass is, the better it’s able to crowd out those pesky weeds.
Opinions are mixed about whether you should bag grass clippings or leave them on the lawn. Whatever you choose to do, remember this: fungus is always present in your lawn. Leaving grass clippings–especially overnight or when it’s damp outside–helps promote the growth of fungus.
For more tips, visit the FAQs on our Home Page or click here to read an online article that provides more mowing tips.

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