Watering your lawn

Watering Tips

Concerned about the health of your lawn? Here are some watering tips to help keep your lawn as healthy and green as possible.


Did you know that lawns need 1 to 2 inches of water each week to remain healthy? In addition, the time of day you water is crucial to the health of your lawn. The two most important watering tips are:

  • On average, we recommend watering every other day, for 15 to 30 minutes IN THE EARLY MORNING (i.e., beginning at 5 a.m.) for each watering zone.
  • As the temperatures climb, and when it rains, adjust the length of time you water accordingly.
Some people mistakenly believe watering at night is best. But that’s not the case. For the best results, water your lawn … and then allow the soil needs to dry completely. Watering overnight keeps the soil moist for a longer period than is necessary and actually encourages the growth of fungus. Other people believe that on those hotter summer spells, they should water twice a day and give their lawns an extra boost. However, you should avoid watering during the hottest times of the day–especially of the lawn is in sunlight. Doing so doesn’t generate the desired result because much of the water evaporates before it can do its job.


For more tips, read the FAQs on our Home Page; you can also click here to read an online article about the subject.

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