The 2021 Lawn Season Has Begun

It’s looking like spring is finally here and we’re ready to kick off our 2021 lawn season!

We plan to begin providing services during the first week of April, so if you need extra time to clean up your yard, do any de-thatching or other lawn work, feel free to email the office. The first application of fertilizer sets up your lawn for the remainder of the year. We use a fertilizer that wakes everything up and helps to strengthen and stabilize the grass’ root system. We also apply a pre-emergent crabgrass prevention to prevent the growth of this weed and help thicken the grass. Some lawns can also benefit from applications of spring lime and/or moss control.

In our efforts to provide the best customer service, we now offer multiple methods of payment, which include Venmo, PayPal, credit card, and check. For more details, click here.

We look forward to the 2021 lawn season (it’s our eleventh!), and thank all our customers for their confidence in us. We encourage everyone else to request an estimate if you’d like to have a lusher, greener, healthier lawn.


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